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He looked into the eyes of his lover. He saw the lust she had for him; he saw the passion, the fire, the desire and need for his love. Those eyes, glazing over his body as if he were an easy kill for a hungry tiger, a cigarette to a nicotine crazed mind. She barely bit her bottom lip and blinked slowly, savoring the warm breath of her partner that spread across a body saturated with hormones and emotion.

The silence between them was only amplified by the exaggerated exhaling both individuals acquired. He leaned closer toward his goal, daring her to equal his disposition and meet him half way. Obliging, her tongue met his in a moment of utter ecstasy. A rush of pleasure resonated from their mouths and spread deep within their bodies. The tingling sensation shared was pleasurable due to the eventual numbing which was naturally inevitable. His fingers navigated their way through various fibers of her hair – she felt his strength, his power, his dominance. She couldn’t fight his resistance, it forced her to keep tongue locked with him.

Appealingly, she thrust both of her hands into his chest and positioned herself on top of his waist. The buttons on his shirt seemed to undo themselves as she leaned down and diverted his attention by biting around his neck. Upon completion, she retreated, threw her hair back and slipped both hands behind her back, removing the only thing between herself and her lover. He brought his body closer to hers and admired his partner’s body with his tongue, making sure to spend a lengthy amount of time on each mound of pleasure before him. She sighed, moaned, gasped and groaned – the pleasure was too much.

The heavenly encounter evolved further to something of an unthinkable magnitude. All clothes disappeared, the bed cover vanished – in fact, all that remained were two emotional and severely attracted individuals. She begged him with those eyes, demanding he enter her. Positioning himself in such a way to do so, he took a brief pause and ran his hand down her spine, affirming his good intentions with a nod before returning both hands on either side of her hips. A deep breath followed by the entering, a sigh of relief – this was only the beginning.

Battling the urge to rush to the end of their session, each lover devoted all of their time to trying to keep their minds off of the event taking place. They both know it didn’t work like that though; you can’t resist unrecognizable powers. They approached the ultimate goal, they knew their love was infinite but this moment was not. Time is quantifiable, they can’t defeat it, only manipulate it slightly in their favor. Not long now.

He increased his speed, she felt the rush and braced herself for a rush of ecstasy that would most certainly be optimally shared by them both. His strokes became deeper, more powerful, she hung on to his frame for extra support. The moment arrived – they had reached their destination. A deep breath preceded a bottomless orgasm that never seemed to end. They stayed motionless, savoring the moment for every ounce of positivity they could. With entwined bodies, they lie and worship each other’s love for themselves before silently, and peacefully, falling to sleep.

Donna and Alice

May 30th, 2010 by WillT 1 comment »

Donna and Alice have always been two very close friends. They met in an English class one day during high school and have remained acquaintances ever since their first encounter. In many ways they were very compatible – they both had long blonde hair, deep blue eyes and a way about them that gave off a sense of immaturity. That being said, they were both established names in their respective fields and acted very professionally while at work, although their school girl habits often crept back when office hours ceased.

Alice had always been the leader of the two. She constantly made decisions on behalf of Donna in a lot of respects although in fairness, Donna didn’t mind being the submissive one. The actual reason for this relationship structure was probably due to a night they shared in their late teens. At this age, both had fully developed bodies ready for sexual intercourse, although often spoke about their virginity and always claimed to be waiting for ‘the right guy’. Their first taste of sexual pleasure and indeed of each other took place at Donna’s house. Her parents were rather unattached to their daughter due to work commitments in other cities and subsequently, often left her alone in their abode for weeks on end.

Although it seemed just like just regular night of watching movies, eating junk food and talking complete nonsense, unbeknownst to each other, each girl had been secretly checking out the other’s body as the evening progressed. At this age, they were used to wearing next to nothing in the other’s presence as there was never any real sexual interaction between them, although admittedly, there were nights were things got very close to taking the relationship further than previously established.

Alice had actually brought some cheap alcohol with her for them to share although in honestly, neither had ever consumed a sizable amount of liquor before. The girls quickly finished the bottle and decided to play truth or dare – the questions started off very casual but before they knew it, more sexual and personal inquisitions came to their minds. After sharing small stories and giggling for a short while, Donna Dared Alice to do something she’d never think she would ask. Alice stared at her lifelong friend with confusion, not knowing if Donna was being serious with the request to make out with her.

After hesitating for what seemed a lifetime, Alice smiled to herself and licked her lips before diving in to take a long, deep passionate kiss with her best buddy. The two locked tongues and shared saliva as if they had both been kept from each other for eternity. The moment was infinitely pleasurable for both of them and before they knew what was going on, both had stripped their partner of what little clothes they happened to be wearing. The tingling sensation in their love locked lips was still ever present even after they parted for the first time since crossing the boundary. They both knew their relationship would never be the same but it clear neither wanted to go back on what they had done.

From making out they instantly proceeded to experience the best form of equal and opposite pleasure. Alice forced Donna onto her back and mounted the supple pink body of her new lover although positioned herself to be oriented in the opposite direction. The two horny eighteen year olds shared a 69 and took every possible action they could to ensure the other reached ultimate satisfaction. After only a few minutes of blissful contact, they reached orgasms of utter ecstasy in a symphony of moans, sighs and deafeningly silent love for the coming years of sexual experiences they were obviously going to share.

Breaking her in

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I’ve always got what I wanted in life and I think this is mainly because I’ve never accepted anything but the best. I go out of my way to ensure I have everything how I want it and find the thought of experiencing something without everything being perfect quite sad. While you may think this has nothing to tpldo with a hooker, you might reconsider your thoughts when I tell you that she had never experienced anal sex and had ‘never been asked’ by a client.

I’m a man of simple pleasures but seriously, I can’t go for too long without having the insides of a female’s rear entrance surrounding my member. The whole event began a few weeks ago when I was summoned to travel to New York for a business meeting. I generally don’t travel that much in my work as I spent a vast majority of my time at home watching over various projects the company I work for sets up. Anyhow, I’m a single male and although I have had quite a number of sexual partners, I’m not a stranger to going to a prostitute for my weekly dose of female booty.

My stay in New York was actually longer than I expected so naturally, I felt compelled to find a woman who was willing to let me take her from behind. I found an advert in the local paper of a 23 year old ‘blonde bombshell’ who was ‘willing to do anything’. The advert sounded right up my tree so naturally, I contacted her and gave the address of the hotel I was staying in. Before too long, a knock on my door came and a cute petite girl pranced in with all the confidence in the world.

My stay in New York was actually longer than I expected so naturally, I felt compelled to find a woman who was willing to let me take her from behind. I found an advert in the local paper of a 23 year old ‘blonde bombshell’ who was ‘willing to do anything’. The advert sounded right up my tree so naturally, I contacted her and gave the address of the hotel I was staying in. Before too long, a knock on my door came and a cute petite girl pranced in with all the confidence in the world.

She gave me a lap dance, a bit of kinky foreplay and then proceeded to ask how I wanted to take her. When I explained that I was a man who liked anal, her face almost became white as she explained that she had never really done that before. After a few minutes of contemplation, she eventually decided it would be fine if I probed her anus, though made me promise I would take her gently as the experience would be totally new. So there she was, face down ass up, completely naked on my bed. I could see from the way she was shaking and staring back at me that she was nervous about the whole thing, although I’m sure she was very curious to find out what it felt like in there.

I took her ass virginity quite slowly to begin with but I really couldn’t help myself – not when this babe had a piece of booty that was just begging for my cock’s attention. I built up speed rather quickly and could tell from the way she was grabbing the sheets and biting her tongue that there was a slight element of plain to the whole affair. That being said, she did eventually change her tone and started to get in with the motion – it was obvious to me that she was really enjoying her work and made plenty of noises to pronounce it.

My whole body shuddered as I reached the point of no return. It was clear to us both what was coming and to better fuel my pleasure, she somehow managed to squeeze my member with the walls I was buried in. She seemed totally cool with the idea of me letting off a load in her tight ass so naturally, I busted my nut in her brown haven and because I still had another 20 minutes left, I got to do it all again!